Icon1 Introducing ClipMate 7
Icon1.1 New Features In ClipMate 7
Icon1.2 ClipMate Overview
Icon1.3 Basic Operation
Icon1.3.1 Selecting Clips
Icon1.3.1.1 ShortCuts
Icon1.3.1.2 QuickPick
Icon1.3.2 Capturing Data (copying)
Icon1.3.3 Pasting
Icon1.3.3.1 Pick, Flip, and Paste
Icon1.3.3.2 QuickPaste
Icon1. Basic QuickPaste
Icon1. Advanced QuickPaste
Icon1. Using QuickPaste Format Strings
Icon1. Fine-Tuning the Targeting
Icon1.3.3.3 PowerPaste
Icon1.3.4 Screen Capture
Icon1.3.5 Searching
Icon1.3.5.1 Wildcards
Icon1.3.5.2 SQL Search Panel
Icon1.4 Installation...
Icon1.4.1 Program Requirements
Icon1.4.2 Installing ClipMate
Icon1.4.3 Entering Your Registration Key
Icon1.4.3.1 Entering Your Registration Key - Step By Step
Icon1.4.4 Upgrading from ClipMate 6
Icon1.4.5 Upgrading from ClipMate 5
Icon1.4.6 USB / Portable Drives
Icon1.4.6.1 U3 Smart Drives
Icon1.4.6.2 PortableApps
Icon1.4.6.3 Generic USB Drives
Icon2 The User Interface
Icon2.1 ClipMate Classic
Icon2.2 ClipMate Explorer
Icon2.2.1 Collection Tree...
Icon2.2.1.1 Special Icons And Markings
Icon2.2.1.2 Keyboard Navigation of the Collection Tree
Icon2.2.1.3 Collection Tree Popup Menu
Icon2.3 ClipBar
Icon2.4 Main Toolbar Buttons
Icon2.4.1 Show ClipMate
Icon2.4.2 PowerPaste
Icon2.4.3 Delete Clips
Icon2.4.4 Print
Icon2.4.5 Append
Icon2.4.6 Move Clips To Collection
Icon2.4.7 Copy Clips To Collection
Icon2.4.8 Select Collection
Icon2.4.9 Search
Icon2.4.10 Switch Classic / Explorer
Icon2.4.11 View Clip
Icon2.4.12 Show Classic
Icon2.4.13 Show Explorer
Icon2.4.14 View Mode
Icon2.4.15 Outbound Clip Filtering
Icon2.4.16 Templates
Icon2.4.17 Event Log
Icon2.5 ClipList
Icon2.5.1 Sorting Clips
Icon2.5.2 Source URL
Icon2.5.3 Detail View
Icon2.5.4 Item Type Icons
Icon2.5.5 Thumbnail View
Icon2.6 Preview/Edit Window
Icon2.6.1 Text/Edit Tab
Icon2.6.1.1 Drag 'n' Drop
Icon2.6.1.2 Rectangular Selections
Icon2.6.1.3 Editor Toolbar...
Icon2. The Tack Icon
Icon2. Word-wrap
Icon2. Show Non-Printing Characters
Icon2. New Clip
Icon2. Cut
Icon2. Copy
Icon2. Paste
Icon2. External DragDrop
Icon2. Shift Left
Icon2. Shift Right
Icon2. Remove Line Breaks
Icon2. Change Case
Icon2. Text Cleanup
Icon2. Regular Expressions
Icon2. RegEx Cleanup Examples
Icon2. Trim
Icon2. Undo
Icon2. Active Spell
Icon2. Highlite Keywords
Icon2. Highlite HTML
Icon2. Highlite URLs
Icon2. Encrypt
Icon2. Spell Check
Icon2. Find & Replace
Icon2. Base64 Encoding
Icon2.6.2 Rich Text Tab
Icon2.6.3 Bitmap Tab
Icon2.6.4 Picture Tab
Icon2.6.5 HTML Tab
Icon2.6.6 Binary Tab
Icon2.7 Visibility: On-Top and Auto-Hide
Icon3 Options and Configuration
Icon3.1 Tools Menu
Icon3.1.1 Spellcheck Configuration
Icon3.1.2 Database Maintenance
Icon3.1.3 Clipboard Diagnostics
Icon3.1.4 SQL Window
Icon3.2 Options Dialog
Icon3.2.1 General
Icon3.2.2 Visual
Icon3.2.3 Editor
Icon3.2.4 Capturing
Icon3.2.5 Application Profile
Icon3.2.6 Pasting
Icon3.2.7 QuickPaste
Icon3.2.7.1 Configuring QuickPaste Formatting Strings
Icon3.2.8 Fonts / Language
Icon3.2.9 Hotkeys
Icon3.2.10 Sounds
Icon3.2.11 Database
Icon3.2.11.1 Database Properties
Icon3.2.11.2 Database Backup
Icon3.2.11.3 Database Restore
Icon3.2.12 Printing
Icon3.2.13 Advanced
Icon3.2.14 Logging
Icon3.2.15 Path
Icon3.3 Visibility
Icon3.4 Toolbar Customization
Icon3.5 Settings and Directories
Icon3.6 Command Line Options
Icon4 Advanced
Icon4.1 Templates
Icon4.2 Macro Pasting
Icon4.3 Data Management
Icon4.4 Using Collections Effectively
Icon4.4.1 Virtual Collections
Icon4.5 Exporting
Icon4.5.1 Flat File Export Dialog Box
Icon4.5.2 XML Import/Export
Icon4.6 Multi-User Databases
Icon4.7 Understanding Clipboard Formats
Icon4.7.1 TEXT Data Format
Icon4.7.2 Bitmap Data Format
Icon4.7.3 PICTURE Data Formats
Icon4.7.4 RTF Data Format
Icon4.7.5 HTML Data Format
Icon4.7.6 HDROP Data Format
Icon4.7.7 Private Data Formats
Icon4.7.8 OLE
Icon4.7.9 Format Viability Test
Icon4.8 Miscellaneous Functions
Icon4.8.1 Automatic Update Check / ClipMate News
Icon4.8.1.1 Clip Feeding
Icon4.8.2 Using Encryption
Icon4.8.3 Rename Clip Dialog
Icon4.8.4 Paste Trace Dialog
Icon4.8.5 Create New Collection Dialog
Icon4.8.6 Collection Properties Dialog
Icon4.8.6.1 Select Bitmap Dialog
Icon4.8.7 Clip Properties Dialog
Icon4.8.8 Capture Special Dialog
Icon4.8.9 Resequence Sort Keys
Icon4.8.10 Start / Recovery Menu
Icon4.8.11 Dynamic Database Connections
Icon4.8.12 Favorite Collections / Collection Navigation
Icon4.8.13 Unicode To Ansi
Icon5 How Do I...
Icon5.1 ClipBar - Managing Taskbar Space
Icon5.2 How do I Capture a Screen?
Icon5.3 How do I E-Mail a Screen Shot?
Icon5.4 How do I send TAB and/or ENTER keys to an application?
Icon5.5 Minimize Resource Utilization
Icon5.6 How do I import my ClipMate5 Data?
Icon5.7 How do I turn on wordwrap?
Icon5.8 How do I use/configure the spellchecker?
Icon5.9 How do I Move ClipMate To A New Computer?
Icon5.10 Run ClipMate from a USB Drive?
Icon5.11 How do I remove blank lines?
Icon6 Tutorial
Icon6.1 Lesson 1: Basic Operation
Icon6.2 Lesson 2: PowerPaste
Icon6.3 Lesson 3: Append
Icon6.3.1 3A Auto-Append
Icon6.4 Lesson 4: QuickPaste...
Icon6.5 Lesson 5: Editing...
Icon6.5.1 5.1 Creating New Text Clips
Icon6.5.2 5.2 The Editor Toolbar
Icon6.5.3 5.3 Clean-Up
Icon6.5.4 5.4 Advanced Editing Techniques
Icon6.6 Lesson 6: QuickPick
Icon6.7 Lesson 7: Shortcuts
Icon7 Purchasing ClipMate
Icon7.1 End User License Agreement
Icon8 Glossary
Icon8.1 Application Profile
Icon8.2 Bitmap
Icon8.3 Clipboard
Icon8.4 Clipboard chain
Icon8.5 Clip Item
Icon8.6 Collection
Icon8.7 HTML
Icon8.8 Registration Key
Icon8.9 Retention Rules
Icon8.10 Rich Text Format
Icon8.11 Serial Number
Icon8.12 System Menu
Icon8.13 Target Application
Icon8.14 Database

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