HTML Data Format

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Advanced > Understanding Clipboard Formats > HTML Data Format

This format contains information about HTML fragments (pieces of web pages).  Along with the portion that you copied, it also carries information about the page, such as its original source URL.  If you have Internet Explorer 4 or above, you can view the HTML Format in the HTML Tab of the Preview / Edit pane.

Note that copying text and images from a web page does NOT actually copy the images.  You're really just copying the HTML tags ARROUND the images.  The images are not present on the clipboard.  However, ClipMate can often find them in your browser cache, so that they display properly.  When you paste the data into a word processor such as Microsoft Word, the images are again fetched from the browser cache, or perhaps from the original web site!

If you want to capture an actual image from a web page, right-click on the Image and select Copy from the right-click menu.