RTF Data Format

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Rich Text Format (RTF) is a private Clipboard format employed by Microsoft applications, to enable them to share formatted text.  Several non-Microsoft packages have adopted this format as well.  RTF contains all of the formatting for text such as font, size, color, margins, borders, etc.  It can even contain other items, such as graphics and OLE objects.

RTF is usually very large.  It is not unusual to see RTF Clipboard items of 200 - 600K in size.  Also, it will usually take an application several seconds to produce the RTF format, and place it on the Clipboard.  The reason that you might not notice the delay is that RTF is a prime candidate for Delayed Rendering.

Only turn on RTF in the Application Profile if you need the formatting.  If you don't, then you can save lots of time and memory by skipping the RTF.