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Application Profiles prevent ClipMate from being overwhelmed by a mountain of data that you don't want.  Many applications can present the same data in a number of ways, such as Text, Rich Text Format, Bitmap, Picture, OLE, etc.   Microsoft Excel, for example, can provide the same data in 21 different formats.  This is wasteful of both time and space, so you definitely don't want to capture EVERYTHING.

ClipMate's Application Profiles allow you to determine which formats to capture, on an application-by-application basis.  It will examine the data that is presented the first time that you copy from any application.  When ClipMate sees a new application, it will build an entry in the list of Application Profiles, and record every format that it sees.  It will then make assumptions regarding the data, and choose some default settings.  You can override the settings at any time.  For example, if you see that ClipMate captures Text, Rich Text Format, and Picture from your word processor, and you only need Text, then you should turn off the other formats to save storage space.

The Application Profile Dialog

Found in the User Preferences dialog, the Application Profile consists of a collapsible tree, with the names of the individual applications at the top level. Click to expand, and see the formats that ClipMate has seen from the application.  Think of the applications as the "branches", and the individual data formats as the "leaves".

You have checkboxes at each level. Turn off a checkbox at the application level, and ClipMate will ignore all data from that application.  Turn off at the data format level (leaf level), and ClipMate will ignore that data format, from the corresponding application.

As you select the branches and leaves, there may be hints appearing in the box to the right, if we have any particular guidance about certain applications or formats.

Fine Tuning / Diagnostics

You can use the Capture Special and Trace Paste features to see what applications are actually necessary to have in the Application Profile.  For more information, see  Trace Paste.


Understanding Clipboard Formats