Paste Trace Dialog

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Advanced > Miscellaneous Functions > Paste Trace Dialog

This is a special diagnostic mode to help determine which data formats are "preferred" by applications.  This can help you fine-tune the Application Profile, so that ClipMate captures the data formats that an application "prefers".

For example, the popular graphics program, PaintShop Pro 6.0, is quite happy to paste the "Bitmap" format.  But analysis of the Trace Paste, shows that it will use the "JASC Paint Shop Pro 6.0 Clipboard Format" if it is available.


To use this function, first copy a fresh piece of data from an application.  Then, use the "Capture Special" function under the Edit menu, to produce a "fat" clip.  Capture most, if not all, of the data formats.  This is important, as we need to present the target application with all possible formats.

Now, invoke the Trace Paste function, under the Config menu.  Position the Trace Paste window where you can watch it, as you paste the data.

Go to the target application (where you want to paste into – can be the same as the application where you captured from) and paste a clip.

See what formats are named in the Trace Paste window.  If needed, go to the Application Profile to "fine tune" the profile, according to what you see in the Trace Paste window.

See:        Capture Special.

See:        Application Profile.

Further Tests

Before pasting again, you'll need to close the Trace Paste with the OK button, and open it again.  Otherwise the cumulative effects of the tool will cloud the further tests.

If there is a Paste Special option in the target application, you can try various forms of Paste Special, to see what data "looks good" in the application, and at the same time, see what formats are requested by the application by viewing the Trace Paste.

And you can try pasting the same clip into other applications as well, to see what formats they prefer. For example, if you want to copy from PaintShop Pro, and paste into another graphics program, you will find that one of the public formats such as Bitmap or DIB is required.

Finally – Don't Get Carried Away

Keep in mind that ClipMate can only display Picture and Bitmap graphics. So don't get carried away in trimming down the Application Profile.  For PaintShop Pro, for example, you'll need to always capture Bitmap, as well as any other formats that work well for you.