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Advanced > Miscellaneous Functions > Start / Recovery Menu

This menu allows you to access certain maintenance functions at startup, before the system logs into the databases.  This is a handy way to intervene if you need to perform database maintenance, or if you want to abort ClipMate when it is set to run at windows startup.  Just hold down the SHIFT key while ClipMate starts (or while Windows loads), and the menu is shown before any window or database objects are created.

We used the SHIFT key because that is what you would normally be holding down to abort all "start menu" tasks.  Since ClipMate uses the "RUN=" registry setting, it isn't normally subject to the "SHIFT Trick".  So here we're extending the SHIFT Trick a bit.

Proceed Normally - just as if you had never touched the SHIFT key.
Abort ClipMate - use this to cancel ClipMate.  Handy when you are already aborting the "start menu" programs.
Reset Size/Position - If ClipMate isn't displaying properly, this will reset all size/position/font settings back to their defaults.  ClipMate will quit, so re-start it manually.
Reset ALL Registry Settings - similar to the above, but resets ALL user preferences, including the location of the database (but it won't hurt the data!)
Verify/Repair/Compact Databases - causes Database Maintenance to run before logon.
Backup Databases - causes database backup to run before logon.
Restore Databases - causes Database Restore to run before logon.
Open SQL Window - opens the SQL Window after the database is initialized, but before any data is loaded.  This can be useful when resolving certain technical support issues.  If you have multiple databases, the SQL window will open as each one is encountered during the login sequence.
Open Log/Database Directory: Opens those directories using Windows Explorer.