Dynamic Database Connections

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Advanced > Miscellaneous Functions > Dynamic Database Connections

You can load and unload databases dynamically, without restarting.  This is useful if you need to:

Disconnect or re-connect a laptop with a shared network database.
Reboot a machine acting as a server, hosting a shared network database.
Bring a seldom-used database back online.
Temporarily log off from a database so that your overnight backup can run.
And there may be many more unforeseen requirements!

How to use:

Click on the database icon in the Collection Tree of ClipMate Explorer, and use Activate Database, or De-Activate Database from the file menu.

Example1 - The Networked Laptop :

Suppose you have two databases - one primary, on your notebook, and one on a network server. It's time to go home, and you just want to suspend your laptop without shutting down ClipMate.

All you need to do is open ClipMate Explorer, click on the shared database (or any collection within), and then use File | De-Activate Database.  ClipMate will log off from the database, and the icon in the collection tree will be shown with a red circle/bar (international NO symbol).  The next time you want to re-connect to that database, just click on it and use File | Activate Database. You'll log back in.

Example2 - Digging Into The Archives:

You have a primary database, but also have an old one from 2002 that is in a different directory, that you need to refer to from time to time.  You've added the secondary database to your list of database definitions, and it is NOT set to auto-load.  When you start ClipMate, it shows up on the collection tree, with a red circle/bar, indicating that it is offline.  Now you want to open it up, and access the data.

Click on the icon in the collection tree, and then use File | Activate Database.  ClipMate will now log onto the database, and load the data.  You can de-activate it to free memory, when you're done.

Scheduled Downtime:

If you have an external backup program that needs to backup your ClipMate databases, you can schedule ClipMate to log off, prior to the scheduled backup time.  See Config | User Preferences | Databases.  The first time that you use ClipMate thereafter, it will automatically re-connect.