Base64 Encoding

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The User Interface > Preview/Edit Window > Text/Edit Tab > Editor Toolbar... > Base64 Encoding

This pair of options, found on the editor pop-up menu (not yet on the editor toolbar, but can be if it's a popular request) is for encoding/decoding Base64 text.  Here is a description:

"Encode a string using base64 encoding compatible with Internet protocol RFC 1521 (the MIME standard).  Data encoded in this manner is safe for Internet, mainframe, database and Registry storage and use. By definition, the resultant string length is always a factor of 4 and at least 1/3 greater than the original."

-- HyperString User's Guide

If you don't know what that means, this function is not for you.  If you work with Base64 data a lot, this will be very helpful.