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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Advanced

Startup Delay

Causes ClipMate to pause for a set number of seconds before initializing.  This can prevent conflicts with other applications during system startup, such as when two applications try to insert themselves into the Clipboard chain at the same time.

Capture Delay

Cause ClipMate to pause for a short time after you copy data, to let the copying application finish the copy operation.  This avoids ClipMate "stepping on the toes" of the other application.  Usually, 250 milliseconds (1/4 second) is plenty, but if you have large, complex applications, a slow computer, or are copying very large data types, then you can increase this time to avoid getting the "Can't open Clipboard" error messages.

Settle Time Between Captures

This setting defines the minimum amount of time to wait after capturing an item, before accepting new items.  If you are experiencing missed copies when copying data in rapid succession, especially from macros or other automated programs, you can try to compensate by adjusting this setting to a shorter delay.  Beware though, as it may cause conflicts with other applications that do not release the Clipboard quickly after copying.

PowerPaste Delay

Sets the delay period between when you paste an item and the re-load of the next item.  If PowerPaste is having trouble, you can slow it down a little perhaps giving your target application time to process the data.

Alt key required for collection drag/drop?

By default, you must press the ALT key in order to move collections via drag/drop, in order to prevent unintended drag/drop from re-arranging your collections.

Pay Attention To Clipboard Ignore Flag?

This can be used to have ClipMate ignore updates from other clipboard-enabled programs, which wish to have ClipMate ignore their updates.  Sometimes you need to turn it off, to solve certain bugs with other programs - contact tech support:

Use Internet Explorer To Display HTML?

ClipMate uses Internet Explorer (4 or later) to display HTML data internally.  If you don't want it to display HTML, or if you are having problems with your internet connection failing to hang up when you close IE, you can try turning this off.  The change will take effect upon restart.

Pre-Load IE Cache?

This has to do with displaying images in HTML.  During testing of v6.0.06, we determined that pre-loading the cache did not seem to have any effect so we turned it off, but left this setting here in case we need to turn it back on.  

Enable Auto Capture At Startup?

Normally, ClipMate captures everything. But if you don't want it to, you can turn it off here, and it won't be enabled the next time you startup.

Enable Cached Database Writes?

For performance reasons, ClipMate's database caches updates.  Turning this option off guarantees that all database updates are immediately written to disk.  However, you'll notice "disk chatter" and a slight delay, with every update.  Only turn this off if you experience frequent crashes which lead to data loss.

Collection Menu Style

This will cause the Collection Menus to either scroll up/down or break into multiple columns.  This is only apparent if you have too many collections to fit on the screen.

Reset All Settings To Defaults

If the settings become terribly fouled somehow, this provides a way to reset all settings to their defaults. A restart is required.  If you have purchased a license, be aware that this will "un-register" your copy, and you'll need to re-enter your key when you restart.

Alternately, you can press Ctrl+Shift as ClipMate loads, which also gives you this option.

Clear Application Profile

If the Application Profile becomes corrupted, you can clear it with this button.  It clears all entries, wiping the Application Profile completely clean.  A restart is required afterward.