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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Printing

Here is where you control ClipMate's printing engine, which was re-designed for ClipMate 7.3.  ClipMate now uses the RAVE printing engine from Nevrona Designs, which is a "report-based" engine, as opposed to a "code-based" engine that we used in the past.

ClipMate has a series of standard reports for text and bitmap items, optimized for portrait or landscape printing. There are reports for printing single items on a page, and multiple items. By default, it's going to use the reports that print multiple items on a page, but you can select other reports.

The report layouts determine the orientation of the printed pages (instead of the printer setup), so you can have text items printed in portrait mode, and images printed in landscape mode.  There is an override to allow "large" images (typically screenshots) to use a whole page.

ClipMate can print either TEXT or Bitmap data, but not Rich Text Format, other graphics formats, or specialized formats.

Note: There is an interesting exception though, because HTML can be printed by viewing the HTML clip in the editor, right-clicking, and print from the right-click menu.  This uses Internet Explorer's native printing support.

Here are the settings that you have:

Use Printer:

Determines which printer to use.  If set to "default" (or no selection), will use the system default printer.
Note: Printer orientation is determined by the report, so the orientation setting is no longer on this page.

Print Header?

Prints "ClipMate Report", or any other text you prefer, at the top of the page in large font.

Print Details?

Prints details about the clip:  clip title, date/time of capture, source URL, and creator (where the clip came from).

Print Footer?

Typically the page number and date/time of printing, but you can include your own text here as well. The default footer contains commands understood by the RAVE printing engine, such as Report.TimeShort.  If you need to modify the footer, but still keep the date/time/page information intact, here is a sample that you can modify (double-quotes matter!):
"Report Printed at "  + Report.TimeShort  + " on "+ Report.DateShort  + "  Page:" + Report.CurrentPage  + " of " +  Report.TotalPages

Here is a list of all available fields for inclusion in the footer:

Report.CurrentPage, Report.RelativePage, Report.DateShort, Report.DateLong, Report.DateUS, Report.DateInter, Report.TimeShort, Report.TimeLong, Report.TimeAMPM, Report.Time24

Automatically print screen shots?

Here you can have ClipMate output all screen shots captured with the PrintScr key, to the printer.  Just like the good old DOS days!


Normally, ClipMate will show a "print setup" dialog when you print, giving you the opportunity to select a printer, or view the Print Preview.  If you don't need to see that, turn ON QuickPrint, and this step is bypassed, and the job prints without further interaction.

Report Selection

Text Clips

Report to use for text clips. The multi-print feature will print about 7-8 small clips on a page, yet large items can span several pages.

Small Bitmaps

For bitmaps UNDER the threshold. Useful for printing small graphics, 4 or 6 on a page.

Large Bitmaps

For bitmaps OVER the threshold, one to a page.

Large Bitmap Threshold

This determines the size limit for "small" vs "large" bitmaps.  Set to 0 to force all bitmaps to use the "large" (one item per page) report. Set to 9999 to make all images print on the "small" (multiple images per page) report.  640 is typically a good indicator that a bitmap large enough that it should go on its own page.