Bitmap Data Format

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A graphic image composed of individual pixels, or dots.  ClipMate can handle bitmaps of any number of colors.  When displayed on a video adapter capable of displaying 256 colors, bitmaps are often accompanied by a palette, which optimizes the colors of the display to enhance the image.  When running 16 or 24-bit video cards with proper drivers, a palette is not needed and is not usually present.

Bitmaps are often used for very complex images originating from the real world, such as photographs.

Bitmaps are common in Windows, and can be created by the Paintbrush program that comes with Windows.

Note: The DIB format is very similar to Bitmap.

Note: Bitmap is the universal interchange format for any type of photograph, screenshot, etc..  Tiffs, Jpeg, GIFF, etc., are all copied and pasted with the Bitmap format.

Note: ClipMate stores the bitmaps internally as Jpeg, to save space.