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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Editor

These options apply to the Preview/Edit window.  In addition to these options, you can show/hide the toolbar in the editor by right-clicking, and selecting "show toolbar" from the menu.

Show Line Numbers?

The editor can optionally show the line numbers along the left side of the editor.  Only available when viewing TEXT clips, and only visible if the toolbar is also showing.

Enable Binary View?

Sometimes you need to get down to see the bits and bytes of a clip.  For example, is there really a carriage return AND a line feed, or just a line feed?  Or what sort of header is present in an HTML clip?  With the binary view, you can see this type of information.

Tab Stops

If you copy data from an editor that assumes that tab stops are set a certain way, but ClipMate's editor doesn't agree, then the data can look odd.  So here you can adjust your tabs to be 4, 5, 8, 10, or whatever you need.  Note that this does NOT affect the data at all.  It only affects how the data displays within ClipMate.

Smooth Scrolling

Selects smooth or jump scrolling

Automatically Change Clip Titles?

Normally, the clip title is made from the first 50 characters in a text clip. If you edit the clip, do you want the title to change, or stay as it was? Here is where you set that preference.

Note: If you manually enter a title for the clip with the Rename Title command, then that title will "stick", and the clip title will not be automatically updated due to editing, regardless of this setting.

Default Editor View

Normally, new clips are shown using the "text" tab. But you can select another tab to use as the default.