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ClipList Font

This is the font used to display the ClipList in both ClipMate Classic and Explorer.

Text Preview Font

This sets the font used to display TEXT clips in the editor, using the TEXT pane of the display.

Printing Font

Choose the font used to print TEXT clips.  Tip: try to use a mono spaced font like Courier New.  And try to keep the size small enough so that the data does not wrap prematurely by hitting the right margin before it reaches the line length in the original document.

All Other Controls

Use this if the dialog boxes look strange.


Use this to activate a translation file.  Translation files are available on our web site.


Fonts do NOT affect the data.  None of these font settings affect the data.    It just makes it easier (or harder) to see and edit the data in ClipMate.  For example, if you copy the data as Arial 10 pt, and then change the font of the editor to display as Times New Roman 14 pt bold, do not be surprised when it still pastes as Arial 10 pt (or even if it pastes as something completely different, as the font is really up to the application that you're pasting into, when it comes to TEXT data.)

Japanese/Shift-JIS/Kanji:  For displaying Shift-JIS data in Japan, use a font that supports Shift-JIS such as MS Gothic, with the script set to Japanese.


ClipMate can perform code page translations on Unicode Data to enable it to capture Ansi Text with the correct code page, when the clipboard may not contain the right data.  Please see Unicode To Ansi for more information.