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Introducing ClipMate 7 > Basic Operation > Selecting Clips > QuickPick

QuickPick is a method for quickly selecting clips within a collection, and is available in Classic or QuickPaste modes.  QuickPick "filters" the titles in the current collection, based on criteria that you type.

You "filter" the titles in the current collection by merely typing the ? key, followed by some text (not case sensitive) that you expect to find in the title of a clip.  As you enter each keystroke, the list is updated to show  your "hits" up at the top.  Keep typing to narrow down the search. In the example below, the user typed: ?pick, so the four items in the list that contained "pick" were pulled to the top.  Notice that the search characters are displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

When you see the clip that you're looking for, simply select it with the arrow keys or mouse, and it's just like selecting any other clip.  If you are in QuickPaste, press ENTER or double-click the item to paste into the target application.


To improve performance with large collections, you must first cross the "threshold", which is currently 2 characters after the "?" key, before the results are shown.  In the above example, no results are shown until you've typed "?jo", to prevent every clip containing "j" from flooding the results and wasting processor time.


Hit the Backspace key to remove characters from the search.  If you backspace far enough, you'll cancel QuickPick, and the blue bar will disappear.  Also, you can press the ESCape key at any time, to cancel QuickPick.

NOTE: QuickPick is available in both Classic and Explorer modes.

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