Highlite Keywords

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The User Interface > Preview/Edit Window > Text/Edit Tab > Editor Toolbar... > Highlite Keywords

You can enter keywords to highlight.  Separate multiple keywords with commas.  Wildcards are not used here, as partial matches will highlight automatically.

When you use the Search feature, the highlight keyword list is automatically populated.  So you can use it to find the search string within the clips in the result set.  The button above is provided for "stand-alone" use within the editor.

Here is a result of this help topic, with the keywords: key,highlight.

To use, just click on the toolbar button, and enter the keywords separated by commas.  They'll be in effect until you change them, close the program, or perform a search.

You can search for phrases also. Suppose you are looking for "bulls" and "boy cows" and "male cattle".  Enter the search as:

bulls,boy cows,male cattle

Now it will highlight just the ones you want, and will ignore any girl cows.