Pick, Flip, and Paste

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Introducing ClipMate 7 > Basic Operation > Pasting > Pick, Flip, and Paste

This is the most casual use of ClipMate.  Simply activate ClipMate, either by clicking on it on the screen, activating its icon in the system tray or taskbar, or using the hotkey (defaults to Ctrl+Alt+C).  Select a Clip in the drop-down ClipList (or if you're in "ClipMate Explorer" view, the ClipList is already visible) and it will be placed on the System Clipboard.  Then "Flip" over to the target application (possibly with Alt+Tab, if you hot keyed into ClipMate, otherwise click on it with your mouse) and paste the data as you normally would.

This is easy, but you can save half of the steps by using QuickPaste.