Advanced QuickPaste

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Introducing ClipMate 7 > Basic Operation > Pasting > QuickPaste > Advanced QuickPaste

After you have mastered the basics, you will want to use some of QuickPaste's advanced features.

Dual ClipLists

For starters, you can configure ClipMate Classic to show you TWO ClipLists instead of just one.  From the View menu, select Classic Options. There, you can show/hide the second ClipList and the editor window.  The second list should show immediately.

The top one will always be your "active" collection. But the bottom one can be "tacked" to any other collection.  And you can change it on the fly by clicking the title of the secondary collection (see "click to change" in the accompanying screen shot).

QuickPaste Formatting Strings

ClipMate usually sends the "Ctrl+V" keystroke to the target application to make it paste the data. This doesn't always work, so alternate methods are available in the list of quickpaste formatting strings.  This is a drop-down list to the right of the QuickPaste toolbar.  While there is significant overlap with the new "template" feature, the formatting strings are still the only way to change the "paste method" keystrokes.  See:Using QuickPaste Format Strings.

QuickPick / ShortCuts

QuickPick and ShortCuts are designed to be used when in QuickPaste.  As you invoke QuickPick (with the "?" key) or ShortCuts (with the "." key), the search string will appear on the status bar, just to the left of the "target" icon.  Read more about QuickPick and ShortCuts in their respective topics.