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This section controls the Auto-Targeting feature, which is used to determine where data will be pasted when you press ENTER or double-click on a clip.

Auto-Targeting Enabled

This turns auto-targeting on/off. Note that when it is on, you can always "lock" the target, to temporarily override this feature, and that use of the QuickPaste Hotkey will also override the auto-targeting.  So there won't usually be a need to ever turn this off.

Use Monitoring Thread (new in 7.1)

Sometimes the auto-targeting fails to find the right program, particularly if ClipMate is running in "always on top" mode.  Use this option to cause the targeting to use a "polling thread" to continuously monitor the top-level program (where you are working) so that when you switch to ClipMate, it knows where you were working.  Normally, ClipMate just sits and waits to be activated, and then looks to see "what was active previously?". But that doesn't always work if you use "always on top" windows, so the monitoring thread can help here.

Good Targets and Bad Targets

See Fine-Tuning the Targeting for information on what these are for.

Partial Matches

Useful for the "bad list" only, exclude an entire application by eliminating the classname. For example, ClipMate: (nothing after the colon) excludes any ClipMate window from QuickPaste consideration.

Paste Clip Into Target

Specifies whether double-click, or the ENTER key issues the "paste" command.

QuickPaste Formatting Strings

Allows special key sequences to be sent to the target application to invoke the paste action.  Usually, the windows default of "ctrl+v" works fine. Other times, you may need Shift+Insert, or paste via the target application's edit menu.  Or you may need to add special keys. Although the QuickPaste formatting strings can send other strings such as the date/time, URL, etc., this functionality should now be accomplished using the new Templates feature.  The following topic describes the quickpaste formatting strings.