Move Clips To Collection

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The User Interface > Main Toolbar Buttons > Move Clips To Collection

Moves selected Clip(s) to another collection.  This button is a special "drop-down" button, and is shown on most systems with a little down-arrow to the right.  It is actually two separate buttons.  The Drop-Down arrow will give a menu of available target collections.  Select the target collection, and the selected items are moved.

Alternately, you can drag 'n' drop the clips with the RIGHT mouse button, and you will see a menu that allows you to either Move or Copy the clips.

Note: By default, clicking on the button a second time will perform the action using the same collection that you used before, and the menu of collections will not be shown. To choose a different collection, click on the "arrow" portion of the button, which will always bring up the drop-down list.  Or, turn off the option to re-use the last selection in the Options dialog - see the "Advanced" page.