Lesson 3: Append

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Glue lets you combine several text items into one big new item.  It is very handy for gathering a bunch of items, and pasting into your word processor.


Open the ClipMate Explorer window. If you are in Classic, use the "toggle" button to switch to Explorer.
You'll now see the expanded layout. This is called the ClipMate Explorer, as opposed to the "Traditional View" that you were in before.
On the right side of the screen is the list of Clips, called the ClipList.
Holding down the Ctrl key, click on Apple, Banana, etc.  The direction matters, so work your way from the bottom to the top, to "glue" in the right order.
Press the Append button on ClipMate's toolbar:
You'll see a new item appear in the drop-down list, titled "Append: (5 Items)"
In Notepad, do a File | New to clear out anything remaining from the last lesson, and paste in your new data you should see all 5 items appear as one block of new text.

Note: If ClipMate Explorer is taking up too much room, press Ctrl+E to go back to ClipMate Classic, or minimize Explorer.

That's how to do an Append, "after the fact".


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