Remove Line Breaks

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The User Interface > Preview/Edit Window > Text/Edit Tab > Editor Toolbar... > Remove Line Breaks

Removes unwanted line breaks.  Very often when you copy data from online sources, there will be hard-coded line breaks at the end of every line.  This will remove those breaks.

Here is an example:

Now is the time for all

good men to

come to the aid of their



This would convert into:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country. 


Notice that the text now wraps at the same margins as the rest of the document.

There are three modes – normally, it will look for a single line-break and remove it.  If it sees two, however, that usually signals a paragraph boundary, so these are left intact.  But if you want to force it to remove those as well, you can do so by holding down the CTRL key, which will remove the blank lines as well.

URL Crunching

The third mode supresses the additional spaces that are usually added in place of the linebreaks.  This is called the "URL Crunch" feature.  Look at the example above. As linebreaks were removed, spaces were inserted.  Otherwise you'd have "allgood" instead of "all good".  That's great for text, but lousy for URLs or other strings that don't benefit from the additional space.  Just hold SHIFT, and the extra spaces are suppressed.  Allowing you to wrap



into this: