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Cut, copy and paste with the Windows clipboard, after you buy ClipMate through Plimus.Secure E-Commerce provided by Plimus.

You need a better clipboard - buy now!We gladly accept Corporate, Government, and Institutional Purchase Orders, over $100 USD.
ClipMate Clipboard Users Speak OutUser Testimonials
ClipMate Users Speak OutI was introduced to Clipmate in March of 1999. I bought it immediately after the 30 day trial. I thought then that it was the most useful and versatile piece of software I had on my machine. I've been 'selling' it ever since and never have I received anything but positive feedback on this 'utility'. I bought a new laptop and began installing software but found I was getting more and more tense .. then the lightbulb came on and I realized I hadn't installed Clipmate. It's not a flashy piece of software, it just quietly runs in the background doing what I ask/need it to do. It truly is indespensible. I've been unable to work for about a year and I didn't think that I'd be using this software as much as I did when I was working but I use it more - I have to minimize my time on the computer to about 2 hours per day. So, when I'm surfing on a topic, I can just copy what I want, Clipmate handles it. I can get a lot more done when I don't have to stop and do the paste part of the exercise. I use it as a kind of diary of what I did when because I don't delete until I want to. Clipmate has saved me so many times when the only place I could find the info I was searching for was in Clipmate or one of its archives. And, let us not foget filling out forms - what a lifesaver - the info I need is in one little place and I don't have to bounce back and forth from form top to bottom to get info already entered. I love Clipmate - I recommend it as a foundation pice of software for any system. It should be eom - have you talked to Dell? Thank you so much for making my life easier for these last 7 years and for many in the future.
- Pamela Scoggins

ClipMate Pricing and Ordering

ClipMate OrderingPricing

A new, single-user license (which covers usage by a single user on two computers), costs $34.95. Multi-user pricing is available.


You can pay with a credit card using our online stores at Plimus and eSellerate,   Contact us directly to use Credit Cards, Purchase Orders (minimum $100 please), Checks Drawn On A U.S. Bank, U.S. Currency, And Postal Money Orders.  We also accept TrialPay for single-user licenses.

New and Upgrade Pricing for ClipMate 7



Per User


Pricing for NEW Licenses - Electronic Delivery * (see explanation below)
CM70-1K ClipMate 7 Full; Single User $34.95 Buy now using our secure server.
CM70-SLA ClipMate 7 Full; 2 - 4 Users 27.95
CM70-SLB ClipMate 7 Full; 5 - 9 Users 24.95
CM70-SLC ClipMate 7 Full; 10 - 19 Users 21.95
CM70-SLD ClipMate 7 Full; 20 - 49 Users 18.95
CM70-SLE ClipMate 7 Full; 50 - 99 Users 15.95
CM70-SLF ClipMate 7 Full; 100 - 199 Users 13.95
CM70-SLG ClipMate 7 Full; 200 - 499 Users 11.95
CM70-SLH ClipMate 7 Full; 500-999 Users 9.95
CM70-SLX ClipMate 7 Full, 1000+ Users 8.95
Upgrade Pricing for Licensed ClipMate 6 Users
UCM70-1K ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 1 User $19.95

Buy now using our secure server. Or

Download The Order Form
Multi-User Order Form

Other ordering options, including purchase orders, phone, snail mail. (Or Contact Us For Quote)

UCM70-SLA ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 2 - 4 Users  $19.95
UCM70-SLB ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 5 - 9 Users  $17.95
UCM70-SLC ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 10 - 19 Users  $10.95
UCM70-SLD ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 20 - 49 Users  $9.95
UCM70-SLE ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 50 - 99 Users  $7.95
UCM70-SLF ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 100 - 199 Users  $6.95
UCM70-SLG ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 200 - 499 Users  $6.25
UCM70-SLH ClipMate 7 Upgrade; 500-999 Users  $5.95
UCM70-SLX ClipMate 7 Upgrade, 1000+ Users  $5.25
Specials - Household Pack Deals!
CMPRO5 "Household Pack" - Run ClipMate on up to 5 computers in the same household. $79.95 Buy now using our secure server.
STEPUP67 Upgrade a single-user ClipMate 6 to a Household Pack Version 7. Save $20! $59.95 Buy now using our secure server.
STEPUP77 Upgrade a single-user ClipMate 7 to a  Household Pack Version 7. Save $30. $49.95 Buy now using our secure server.
*Includes registration key, sent via e-mail.  No physical shipment is sent.  Electronic delivery is immediate, when ordering via Plimus or eSellerate.

About The Ordering Process

  1. Just click on any "Buy Now" link above, and you'll be taken to our secure ordering page where you will enter your order.
  2. That will take you to the next page where you complete your address, and then you'll be taken to a Secure Server where you will enter your credit card details.
  3. When your credit card has finished processing, you'll receive your personalized registration key by Email, usually in about 5 minutes. You will want to print that Email. This will serve as your receipt.
  4. After you receive your key, enter it into ClipMate. You can copy 'n' paste it right into ClipMate's "Enter Key" dialog..
  5. The e-commerce provider will send us the order details (without the credit card info) so that we can process your order. If you have chosen a shippable product, we will ship your disk/manual set shortly thereafter.

Problems While Ordering?

  • You need a capable browser - Any version of Netscape, Opera, or IE, later than version 4 should be fine.
  • Firewalls can be a problem - some corporate firewalls and proxies will not support the HTTPS (SSL + HTTP together) so you may not be able to access the page via proxy or firewall.

If the server takes a very long time to respond, more than 2-3 minutes, then it is likely that there is some sort of problem on the internet, or with the server. If you don't receive an electronic confirmation from the provider (eSellerate or Plimus)  within an hour or so, then it is likely that the order didn't go through - please try it again. If trouble persists, please contact us at 

If your Email arrives with an error in the Registration Key field, then something may have gone wrong with the key generation. Contact with your ordering information, and we'll be able to re-issue your key.

Other Ways To Order - Fax, Check, Postal Mail, Money Order, Purchase Order

  • Use surface mail to send check, money order, or cash. (Download order form or multi-user order form) The address is on the form.
  • Send us a Corporate, Institution, or Government Purchase Order. (Download order form or multi-user order form).  $100 minimum order for purchase orders. 
  • Phone us at 585 352-4223, and we can take your order over the phone.  We're in the USA, on Eastern Time.
  • You can get a FREE license for ClipMate by signing up for one of our partner's offers through TrialPay.  This involves completing an offer, such as signing up for a new credit card, purchasing music online, subscribing to BlockBuster, Tivo, etc.. You can even switch your car insurance to Geico!  They pay us for getting YOU as a new customer, and you get ClipMate for free. Click here to get started.

New Licensing Option: "Household-Pack"

Sometimes users call us and say that they have a bunch of computers, and isn't there a more reasonable licensing option than paying $34.95 for each PC?  We've now got a "Household-Pack" license, which covers up to 5 computers.  For $79.95, you can purchase a 5-computer "household" registration key that will allow up to 5 networked computers to use the same license.  There is a discount "step-up" coupon available to registered users of ClipMate 6!  Send an e-mail for details on our "step up" program.  When upgrading from a single-user copy of ClipMate 6 to the 5-computer, "household" license. Note that this is NOT intended for multi-user situations in a business setting. For that, use our multi-user discount table.


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