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Licensed users receive a registration key that turns the TRIAL into the FULLY Registered version.


See the Release Notes and NEW FEATURES for information on what's new. If you are running Windows98, you should download 7.2 instead of 7.5.

ClipMate 7.5 Standard (Desktop PC) Versions

clipboard extender download Click HERE for the English version of the free 30-day trial.  Registered users can also use this download to update an earlier release of ClipMate 7

clipboard software download Click HERE for European Multi-Language (Français, Español, Русский язык(Russian) Deutsch (German), Türkçe (Turkish), Turkish, Italiano, Polish, Czech, Dansk)

clipboard manager download Click HERE for Asian Multi-Language (Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified).

ClipMate 7.5 Portable Versions

Note: See the USB/Portable documentation for information on U3, PortableApps.Com, and Generic USB Drives.

NOTE:  U3 has been discontinued by Sandisk. We are unable to properly support this platform.

portableapps clipboard extender download Click HERE for PortableApps Format (.PAF.EXE) Installer (Registered only - there is no trial available for the PortableApps platform)


  • Approximate size is 6.7 MB (8MB for multi-language versions)
  • If  you have purchased a registration key, you will enter it into the program after you have downloaded it. You do not enter it here on the website
  • Note: Details about our free 30-day evaluation are here
  • There is no separate download for registered users. If you purchase ClipMate 7, you receive a registration key that unlocks the trial.

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Webmaster's Notes:

About The Evaluation Policy

You may evaluate ClipMate for 30 days or 30 uses, whichever comes last. After that time, you must either purchase a license for continued use, or discontinue use of the software. More information is here.

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