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New Features In ClipMate 6

  • $29.95 Full Price
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  • Multi-user and Site licenses available.
  • Free 30-day, full-featured evaluation.
  • CD Edition also available

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  • New relational database offers flexible searching, enormous capacity, and reliability. 
  • Configurable trashcan can retrieve deleted clips for days or even weeks later. 


  • Search on title, content, type, source, date, etc., with our new SQL-based search engine.
  • Multi-User capability with live network updates enables sharing of workgroup data. 
  • Screen capture by region - select an area with your mouse! 
  • QuickPaste Format Strings enable customization of pasted data - include tabs, date/time, URL, title, etc.. 


  • Powerful (but legal) ARC4 encryption keeps your sensitive data safe from prying eyes. 



  • Automatically detects and reconnects broken clipboard connection
  • New printing engine offers flexibility and reliable printing. 
  • PowerPaste Shield prevents other clipboard-aware programs from hijacking PowerPaste. 
  • Automatic database repair and built-in database backup help to keep your data safe during the worst of times. 

QuickPick and Shortcuts

Having access to thousands of previous clips is only a great thing if you can find the data that you're looking for, more easily than typing it again.  Here is where QuickPick and Shortcuts come in.  With QuickPick, you can "filter" the titles in the current collection by merely typing the ? key, followed by some text (not case sensitive) that you expect to find in the title of a clip.  As you enter each keystroke, the list is updated to show  your "hits" up at the top.  Keep typing to narrow down the search.  

Shortcuts are even more powerful.  Similar to QuickPick, and shown to the right, the Shortcut function searches "shortcuts" that you assign to important clips (such as your Visa card info).  Here I am pulling my visa details up, by typing ".cc.v" (V for Visa, because I've also got M for Mastercard, and D for Discover, etc..).  This data does not even reside in the "inbox" collection that I happened to be working in - Shortcuts work across collections, and even databases (if you use multiple databases).  

It is fully integrated with QuickPaste, so in the example shown, you'd simply pick the item that you wanted (CC Number), press ENTER, and the data would be sent to NetCaptor (our favorite web browser).  Invoke QuickPaste again, to paste the name, date, etc..  The selection remains "live" until you cancel it with the ESCape key.    

Watch a Viewlet for QuickPick

Watch a Viewlet for Shortcuts

New Database Offers Many Enhancements

Without going into boring details about our extremely fast and flexible database, let's outline the benefits to you:

  • Clips are saved to the database immediately when captured or edited.  No more "auto-save" or "save all clips to disk" woes.  
  • Appreciable memory savings when you have large numbers of clips.
  • More efficient use of hard disk space.  We use about a dozen files now, instead of hundreds or thousands of little files.  Cluster waste is eliminated, as are "orphan" data files.
  • Images are stored in the database as JPEG objects, further reducifg space and speeding retrieval.  (Note: "best quality" mode is used for JPEG compression")
  • Searching is now very fast and much more flexible.  
  • ODBC support will be provided later this year, allowing advanced users to access or interface with the database directly.  Our design will be made available to such users.
  • Deleted clips are held in "trashcan" status for two weeks, allowing easy retrieval.
  • Configuration is easy - no drivers, ODBC connections, DLLs, or connection strings. 
  • Will easily hold thousands of clips.*

* We routinely test with a 24,000 clip database.  

ARC4 Encryption

You can optionally encrypt sensitive clips with 56-bit ARC4 encryption.  This is great for passwords, credit card numbers, etc., if your computer isn't always physically secure.  

You can encrypt clips with a "blanket" encryption key, or you can do them all individually.  Do not forget your key!  The security is good enough that we cannot break it, and there aren't any back doors.

Enhanced Searching

You can now search on title, body text, the name of the creating application, the source URL, data types, dates, encryption status, deletion status, and more.  

For example, you can search for all Bitmaps created by PaintShop Pro within the past 30 days.  And you can SAVE that query, so that you can run it again some time.

Thanks to our new database design, the query runs quickly, and the result sets look just like a regular collection.  You can print, delete, QuickPaste, etc., from the results.  And if you view the results in ClipMate Explorer, you'll see a new column showing the collection that each clip is currently assigned to.


(Click above for larger picture)

Multi-User Network Capability

Although ClipMate 5 could share collections over the network, you really couldn't allow multiple users to update the data.  Not any more.  Secondary databases can now alert you when new data has arrived, and each user can contribute new clips in real-time.  Here, we see a notification that user "Brenda" has updated data in a collection that we're monitoring for network updates.  

Here we see the notification that another user has updated the collection called "Team Projects".

Screen Capture

In addition to the standard windows screen capture keys (PrintScreen for the whole screen, Alt+PrintScreen for the current window), we've added two new screen capture options.

Area Screen Capture - this gives you a "rubberband" mouse selection, so you can specify an area of the screen to grab.

Object Screen Capture - Similar to the above, but you simply click on any screen object, and that object is captured as an image. For example, click in a browser window and you'll get a picture of the contents of the window - but not the toolbar, menu, titlebar, etc..  Click on the toolbar, and you'll get an image of the toolbar.  Some will find it a bit odd - others will find it to be a lifesaver, as it can save a lot of clean-up that you'd otherwise get with an area capture.    


Automatic Re-Connect (KeepAlive)

There's nothing more annoying than when some other mis-behaved application fouls the clipboard up so that ClipMate stops receiving updates.  

We have found a way to have ClipMate detect this situation, and automatically re-connect itself to the clipboard.  

That isn't to say that we're backing off of our stance that the other software publishers should clean up their programs - they still should. But you won't have to suffer, while you wait for them to fix their programs.

Here is the status bar after an automatic re-connect.

New Printing Engine

The new printing engine will more reliably print to your printer.  Period.  Print Preview, access to standard windows print settings, etc..  You can now include the timestamp and URL of the clip.  And the Print Options dialog now has a live preview, right on the form.   

User Interface

ClipMate 6 features an updated user interface with many "xp-style" buttons, and dockable windows.  Here we see an editor window that has been undocked from ClipMate Explorer, and has been "tacked" onto a particular clip for editing.  When "tacked", this window will continue to display the selected clip, even when the rest of ClipMate is looking at some other clip.  This makes it possible to actually paste another clip into this one.  You can open up as many of these windows as you would like.  Either from the system tray menu, or you can just drag it right out of ClipMate Explorer. Don't worry, another one will take its place as soon as ClipMate Explorer finds that you've "undocked" one of its children.

ClipMate Explorer is now actually just a frame that contains a docked editor, a docked cliplist, and a docked collection tree.  

(Click above for larger pictures)

For information about upgrading from v5 to v6, see: this page.