128MB Reward

Were looking for a few select shareware developers, who are interested in doing some cooperative marketing.

Heres the deal: Well promote your product to our mailing list of over 10,000 ClipMate and Darn! Passwords users. In return, youll promote ClipMate or Darn! On YOUR mailing list. Well each participate in each others affiliate program, so we both earn $$$ at both ends of the deal. To sweeten the pot, well send you a 128MB USB2 Mass Storage Device (Memory Stick), after seeing 5 sales resulting from your promotion. Earn 30% on ClipMate or Darn! Passwords, AND get the USB stick on top of that!

To sign up for a slot, send an e-mail to Chris Thornton with this link:   chris@thornsoft.com

Also: SIC2004 attendees who sign up for our eSellerate affiliate network before August 9, and you'll receive a free ClipMate registration key.  Just mention "SIC2004 Attendee" in the comments field when you sign up to sell our SKUs, and we'll send you a complimentary registration key.  This is available to any SIC2004 attendee who signs up with our eSellerate affiliate program - regardless of whether you're participating in the co-op mailing outlined above.

Slides from SIC 2004:


For information, changes, etc., please contact chris@thornsoft.com

Last Updated 19-Dec-07