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Sounds are too loud

While you can turn sounds on/off and assign other .wav files with the sound panel of the Options dialog, there isn't any "volume" adjustment.

You can, however, obtain the original set of the sound file here:

Just make a directory:  \program files\clipmate7\sounds

Then unzip the sound file into that directory, edit as required with the windows sound recorder (start | programs | accessories | entertainment | sound recorder), and assign within ClipMate's sound dialog (Tools | Options | Sounds).  Use the "Custom" option, then the "Browse" button to select the new sound file.  Override each sound event, as required.

We have prepared a set of "quiet" sounds using this technique:.

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Comment of Thomas:
Hi, Why not just make quiet sounds your default rather than make people change the sounds manually themselves. Just about everyone I know who uses this, including the many people I have introduced this to, prefer sounds that are even quieter than your prepared set of quiet sounds. When people have their computers connected to external speakers, the original sound is so loud and annoying that it's hard to believe these are the default sound volumes. The above aside, your program is fantastic! Thomas
Added at: 2018-06-01 07:40

Comment of Chris Thornton:
Good News! Modern versions of windows can control sounds BY APPLICATION! So you can make them as loud, or quiet as you want, relative to everything else. Just go into the volume mixer on the task bar or control panel and you should see a separate slider just for ClipMate.
Added at: 2018-06-12 00:26