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Uninstalling didn't work / how do I uninstall?

ClipMate has an uninstall option, found either in the Control Panel, or under the Start menu (Start | Programs | ClipMate7 | Uninstall ClipMate).  Shut ClipMate down completely, and then run the uninstaller.  This works great.  Usually.

HOWEVER, like any other uninstaller (or installer), it won't work properly if the program in question, is still running.  You need to shut down ClipMate in order to have the unisntaller work properly.  Look down in the system tray area (next to the clock).  If you see the ClipMate icon there (under XP, it may be hiding - click the little "slider thing" to reveal the hidden icons), right-click on the icon, and EXIT ClipMate.  Now you can uninstall.

But if everybody did that, there wouldn't be much need for a FAQ article!  So here's what to do if you unintentionally ran the uninstaller when ClipMate is running.  Now the uninstaller is gone, but ClipMate still comes up.  So what to do now?

If you can get into ClipMate, go to Config | User Preferences, and turn off the "run at startup" option.

Now you have two choices:

The EasyWay 

  • Download ClipMate again, install, don't run the program, and immediately uninstall.

The Hard Way

  • Delete the \program files\clipmate7 directory.
  • Delete the ClipMate7 menu from your start menu in Windows.  See the Windows Help if you don\'t know how to delete Start Menu entries.
  • Using the registry editor, remove this branch:
  • If you were not able to run the program to turn off the "run at startup", delete the ClipMate7 entry from the "RUN" section of the registry:

There - now it should be gone for good.


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