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How do I Move ClipMate To A New Computer?

If you get a new PC (for whatever reason - we've heard hundreds) you'll certainly want to take ClipMate with you.

The process is simple:

  1. On the old PC, make a note of the Registered Name/Number combination.  You'll need this to register ClipMate on the new PC.  Spelling, punctuation, spacing, and Capitalization all count.  Note: In ClipMate 7.3, there is an orange "clipboard" button in the Help | About screen. Click it, and your name/key are copied to the clipboard (and thus into ClipMate).
  2. Back up the data on the old machine, using instructions provided here.
  3. Install a new version of ClipMate onto the new PC.  You can use the evaluation version found here.
  4. Enter your registration key on the new machine, when prompted after installation.
  5. Note the data source directory on the new PC. When you first run ClipMate, it'll ask you to confirm/change the data source.  Write it down, because that's where you need to put your data from the old machine.
  6. Close ClipMate, and then restore the data from the backup, using instructions provided here.

If steps 2 and 6 seem confusing, here is a summary in plain English:  Take the files from the data directory on the old machine, and put them into the data directory on the new machine.  You can use the backup procedure, or copy them to a ZIP disk, transfer on your network, laplink, or whatever.  As long as the files get to the right directory, ClipMate will see them when you restart.


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