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I want to change the backup location or interval

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My ClipMate automatically backups to a directory but I want to change that directory. How do I change the automatic backup directory? (It is set to not ask the directory each time BTW.)


In ClipMate 6.1 and above, there are several dialog boxes that have "don't ask again" checkmarks.  The backup has two: one for "do you want to backup?" and one for "where to put the backup?".  If you want to go back to having it prompt, or if you want to change the backup location, then you need to clear the "don't ask" settings.  See Config | User Preferences | Advanced, and set the "don't ask again" field to 0.  Then go to File | Backup, to request a backup during the next restart.  Re-start the program, and it should give you both backup prompts again.  You can set the "don't ask" option again with the checkboxes, when you're satisfied with the location.

With v7.3, you can regain access to the confirmation dialog by setting the auto-confirm time to 10 seconds (or whatever) in Tools | Options | Databases. Use this, if you have already set it to auto-confirm at a low number (like 0 seconds) and therefore cannot interact with the backup dialog.  NOW you can change the location and interval.

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Comment of Ken:
How can I set the backup interval without also running the backup at that time? There is no other button but Okay (to run the backup and accept my changed interval setting) or cancel (everything)?

If I want to reset the backup interval on a day other than a Friday (my preference), to run every Friday, I have to put in an intermediate number of days to get it to backup on the next Friday and then I have to change the interval again on that Friday to make sure it runs every Friday.

I know this is trivial, but it is frustrating.

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