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How do I move data to another PC?

Simple Directions:

To move data to a new PC, all you need to do is:

  1. Use the backup (file | database maintenance | backup database) to make a backup. The result will be a ZIP file, named something like: ClipMate6_DB_My Clips_2004-02-18_1436.ZIP  (date/time are part of the file name).
  2. Move that ZIP file to the new PC - anywhere on the PC will do. 
  3. Install the latest version of ClipMate on the new PC.  Run, establish a new (empty) database.
  4. Use File | Database Maintenance | Restore Database From Backup to overwrite the current (empty) database with the data from the backup. 

Advanced Migration Issues

The above directions work great for the situation where you're rebuilding a PC, getting a new PC, or other one-way migrations.  But if you want to bring data back and forth, it gets more complicated.  Your best approach would be to create a secondary database to act as your "briefcase". Each machine will have their regular database (MyClips) plus another one called "briefcase".  Any clips that you want to copy to the other PC would be copied into a collection in the briefcase database.  Then you would shut ClipMate down, ZIP up the briefcase database, and un-ZIP into the briefcase directory on the other PC.  Or, you could keep the briefcase database on a ZIP disk (not to be confused with a ZIP file), removable hard disk, USB disk, compactflash, or whatever. 

Here are the steps:

  • First, determine where the briefcase directory will reside.  Create the directory using Windows Explorer, such as D:\ClipMateBriefCase
  • In ClipMate, go to Config | User Preferences | Database.  Create a new database, located in the directory specified above.  Give it a title such as "Briefcase" or "Transport".  You can leave all settings at their defaults.
  • Set the "backup reminder" to a high number, or disable with 9999, so that you won't be nagged by both systems to back up the data.
  • Re-start ClipMate, and the other database should be online. Create a collection or two to hold important data.  You can keep the InBox and Safe collections, or delete them. But don't delete Overflow.
  • Move some test clips into the new database, and close ClipMate. 
  • Using whatever method you're comfortable with, transport everything in the "briefcase" directory to the next machine.  Use a ZIP drive, Flash Memory, Network transfer, LapLink, or whatever suits you.  Create a similarly-named directory, and place all of the files in there. 
  • Tip: If you use a CD-R, ensure that the files are NOT marked "read-only" when they are copied onto the next machine - that often happens with CD-R.  You can protect against the Read-Only problem by using a ZIP file, wihtin the CD-R.  Then the contents of the ZIP file are unaffected.
  • Establish the briefcase database on the new PC, just as you did on the first one. Re-start, and you should have access to it.
  • Now to come back, it's easier because the databases are already created.  But you DO need to shut ClipMate down before copying the files.  Shut down, copy the files, bring it back up, and you should have fresh data.


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