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I need to add a dictionary

To add a dictionary, you can download any of the supported dictionaries from this link:  Or you can get it from the CD, if you have the CD edition. 

Unzip the file with an unzip utility like WinZip, and place the resulting dictionary (extension is .ADM) into the ClipMate program directory (typically c:\program files\clipmate7).

Once you have placed your dictionary file into ClipMate's program directory, it is time to add it to ClipMate's list of dictionaries.  To do this, access the Spellcheck Configuration by right-clicking WITHIN the text of a clip in ClipMate Explorer.  You will get a popup menu, and SpellCheck Configuration is one of the options.  When the Spellcheck Configuration dialog appears, add your new dictionary to the list.

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Comment of yackson:
I heve not Spellcheck Configuration dialog menu in 7.5 version
Added at: 2015-05-13 10:38