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How much does it cost? (Pricing)

A license for ClipMate costs $34.95, or $19.95 if you are upgrading from the prior version (ex v6 to v7). 

See: Pricing & Availability for all pricing options plus multi-user licenses.


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Comment of Ray Turner:
I'm 81 and gotten slow. I've been using ver 6. yesterday Clipmate disappeared don't know where my license is (was)stored. Further, I've used your program that I don't know if my email is the one I used years ago. (may have been a Yahoo acount} What do you recommend? I'd like to find stored file and license. I don't mind going to V7. I've come to have a strong need for your program. Thanks for any help you may give me.
Added at: 2021-01-07 17:54