ID #1002 URLS appear in ClipMate - Spyware / BHO Infection / twain-tech

If you find mysterious URLs appearing in ClipMate, starting with, then your browser is infected with a Browser Helper Object (BHO) called "mxtarget.dll" by Twan Tech.  It appears to send its URLs to the clipboard, in an attempt to hijack or record your browsing or searching.  You need to remove it.  Any modern anti-spyware protector should be able to remove ths.

You can also google for "mxtarget.dll"
My Dentist, Dr. O'Keefe, says "do NOT go to the twain-tech site and click on the friendly man behind the desk."  Apparently that locks it onto your hard drive, making it harder to get rid of.  Dr. O'Keefe has never steered me wrong, so don't bother going to the twain-tech site.


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