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How to prevent capturing passwords from password vaults or generators?

A user recently asked about preventing ClipMate from capturing passwords from his password keeper program.  In this case it was PasswordSafe, but the same should apply to other products like Emmasoft's Darn! Passwords.

Yes, you can prevent ClipMate from capturing from such a program.

Take a look at one of the passwords captured
from that application.  See what the "creator" is.  If it is something
identifiable like "passwordsafe" or "DarnPasswd", then you can filter out the data
using the Application Profile. Just go to Config | Application
Profile, find the entry for PasswordSafe, and turn off all formats.
Now ClipMate will not capture that data.

On the other hand, if you are working with an application that does not identify itself
properly and the data comes in as created by "Windows", or some other
application, then you can't use this technique.  But you can ask the
vendor to implement the CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE scheme, outlined
This is also useful for developers of such programs that want to keep clipboard programs (like ClipMate) from "spying" on their data.

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